History of Millard Metal in Southington, CT

Millard Metal Service Center, Inc. operated at 240 Spring Street in Southington from 1972 until 2002. Millard Metal was a distribution center that stocked various types of brass, copper, aluminum, steel and other metals for industrial uses. Products included rod, sheet, rolls, tube, plate and wire.

Millard Metal served customers throughout the country with eight locations, from Maine to Florida to California, including two distribution centers in Connecticut – Southington and Waterbury. The Spring Street warehouse facility was custom built to accommodate the daily demands of the business with high ceilings, cranes and large bay doors which were necessary for the storage and transportation of the products.

Metal was a common thread and theme throughout the Millard family history that would eventually lead to the birth of Millard Metal. The business was founded by Donald Millard, Sr. and his three sons and one daughter who later joined him as the next generation of leaders.

The maternal side of the family left the coal mines of Wales when some of the men were killed in a mining disaster.  After settling in the New World, the family found themselves coal miners again, but in Pennsylvania.  After a mining disaster in Pennsylvania that took many more of the men, the women led the family out of the mines forever and to the promise of the prospering mills of Connecticut, specifically to Waterbury, which was known in those days as the Brass City.  Ironically, the city’s motto still to this day is, “Quid Aere Perennius?” which means, “What is more lasting than brass?”  Scovill Manufacturing and Chase Brass, mills which were at the core of Waterbury’s dominant industries, were central employers to those who lived in the region, including both sides of Millard’s family.

The paternal branch of the family hailed from Great Barrington, Massachusetts as farmers. After Donald Millard Sr.’s father, a horse veterinarian, passed away from wounds sustained in the Spanish American war, he left his widowed wife with five children. She moved the family to Waterbury with the promise of a new life in the booming city. It is no wonder that Millard Metal was created out of this shared history of hard work and perseverance in the metal industry.

Donald Millard Jr., now the owner of Crystal Bees, served as the chief executive officer of Millard Metal for 32 years. After the building sat vacant for a number of years, Millard decided to repurpose the space and breathe some new life into the property with a new business to serve the needs of the Southington community.